I think it is every wedding photographer’s dream to pack their camera gear and fly to an exotic destination, explore new surroundings and get to know other wedding cultures. Looking back at 2019 I was lucky to film and photograph several weddings abroad: I was in Greece, Israel, Germany, Austria, Italy.

The big surprise, however, was a request from a couple living in NYC who wanted to get married in Zurich. When they told me about their wedding plans during our first Skype call we clicked immediately. So I was really excited to meet them in person in a coffeeshop as soon as they arrived in Zurich. Their kindness, openness and their funny stories left a great impression and I had a feeling it would be a great wedding…

All in all, I was super happy to be their wedding photographer and videographer. Their family and friends were awesome, the atmosphere and the setting at restaurantspitz was amazing – just an unforgettable day!
Having said all that, it is now time to look forward to a new year. I am excited about the many upcoming weddings with loving couples in new locations and with new families and friends to meet!
Wedding designer (concept, planning, styling): www.cmweddings.ch

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